The leading provider of backroom Accounting Software for the Philippine Stock Exchange in the country today. From the stock order transaction at the trading floor to the financial reports generated for management, PSE and SEC, WinStockSS covers all your backroom system requirement needs!

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WinStockSS is an integrated software package that can streamline, automate and centralize critical trading and accounting operations of a securities firm.

WinStockSS can help you produce faster result and more accurately than corresponding manual procedure. It can generate multiple copies of reports that are required by the SEC and PSE Clearing House, and all necessary reports such as ledgers and financial statement.


Risk-Based Capital Adequacy File Generation

WinStockSS automatically generates the RBCA spreadsheet on a monthly or even daily basis as well as any other reports needed for submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PCD Scripless Trading / eClear Module

WinStockSS can monitor scripless trading transactions and customer stock positions easily. It can track shares lodged in the Philippine Central Depository in addition to the existing locations such as the vault and transfer offices. WinStockSS is also ready to process the PDTC eClear system transaction

Uploading Of Transactions Directly From The PSE Or From Most Front-End Systems

Uploading Of Transactions Directly From The PSE Or From Most Front-End Systems

Cash and Stock Dividends

WinStockSS can automatically compute for the dividends due each customer since all the needed information are already available. At the same time, the system can automatically generate and monitor the transactions for that particular dividends.

Uploading Of Market Prices From The PSE Or From Most Front-End Systems

WinStockSS can automatically read in the day's closing prices via a file obtained from most frontend systems, eliminating the need to enter each issue's closing price every day.

Agent Commissions

WinStockSS tracks the total monthly production/turnover of each account executive and the corresponding commission amount due, broken down per customer.

Stock Issue Market Valuation

WinStockSS tracks the uploaded market prices of each security daily and generates a graph indicating the fluctuations of prices per security over a period of time. The total collateral valuation of the company is easily generated.

Acquisition Cost Computation

WinStockSS allows the entry and monitoring of the acquisition prices of each client's stock holdings for comparison with the current market valuation. This will allow the broker to advise the client of the profitability of a sell transaction as well as closely monitor the company's marketable securities portfolio.

Integrated Accounting System

The on-line posting feature of WinStockSS eliminates the need to re-enter transactions for accounting reports generation. It instantly integrates all the data from the various transaction AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, and then summarizes information onto the General Ledger to generate comprehensive financial statements.

Stock Rights Monitoring

WinStockSS tracks the specific stock rights credited to a client, payments made by the client towards his stock rights, and any outstanding balances due. WinStockSS traces any stock right debit memos applied as payments.

Margin Accounts Transaction

Informs the user of accounts due for margin calls, the amount of cash or stocks needed for the client to cover the deficit, and even generates a letter indicating the client's deficit. Authorized users will also be able to view the total margin stock position at any given time.

Complete Report Generation Functions and Customized Printing of Entry Forms

Data is presented to the user in an analytical and well-thought out reports that can answer queries and provide information most needed by brokers.

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